1. Go to: http://www.files.odeon.cn/
2. Click on the archive: PKey-driver.rar, download and extract the contents into a folder.
3. Install Driver_setup_English and it will restart your PC after the process ins complete.
4. After the restart is complete, connect the P-Key dongle to your PC USB-Port. Windows will automatically install the drivers for the dongle.
5. Once the drivers are installed you will get the “New device is installed and ready to use” balloon popup message.
5a. Contact your reseller and give him PKEY and JAF box ID to activate your PKEY in order to be able to make update
6. Leave the PKey dongle connected and then connect to another usb port your JAF Box.
7. Open JAF software version 1.95 beta 9 (The software will read and display your Pkey dongle serial number)
8. Click the “Update P-Key” button. When the server will complete the card update process, the message “JAF Dongle init complete”
9. Restart the JAF Software and you will see the “Update Firmware” button now active.
10. Click “Update Firmware” and the software will display “Warning ! This update will make your JAF BOX working only with P-key. You can use the box with older versions, are you sure???" message box.
11. Click “YES”
12. The server will update the box firmware; wait until you see the message " Updating FW Step 2...Please wait...DONE ! "
13. Restart JAF Software version 1.95 beta 9 and from now on you can use the new updates offered by the ODEON TEAM by using the new PKEY dongle.