There is new update of SAMS Tools program for Martech CLIP device.
SAMS Tools v1.4
It's program for Samsung phones.

new features:
- added E360, E360E models
- added E770 model
- added some versions of X660 model

currently supported models:
C100, C108, C110, C200, C210, C225, C230,
D100, D410, D415, D418, D428, D488, D500, D508, D510, D600,
D710, D720, D730,
E100, E105, E108, E300, E310, E315, E316, E317, E318,
E330, E335, E338, E340, E350, E360, E360E,E400, E530,
E600, E608, E610, E620, E630, E635, E638, E640,
E700, E708, E710, E715, E718, E720, E728, E730, E750, E760, E770,
E800, E808, E810, E818, E820, E850, E860, E880,
P100, P108, P400, P408, P510, P518, P710, P718, P720,
P730, P738, P777,
S100, S105, S108, S200, S208, S300, S300m, S341, S342
S400, S410i, S500, S508, S500i
Q100, Q105, Q200, Q300, Q400, Q605
V100, V200, V205, V208
X100, X105, X108, X120, X130, X140, X150, X200, X400, X408,
X426, X430, X438, X450, X458, X460, X468, X475, X480, X490, X495,
X600, X608, X610, X630, X640, X660, X710, X800, X900