We are pleased to introduce today a brand new module including exclusive and world first features for BLACKBERRY, NOKIA LUMIA and SAMSUNG phones. Introducing the Furious Chimera Mobile Phone Utiliity PACK13 allow you to unlock what everyone else can't! Simple as that ! 3 modules in 1 Pack full of explosives features!

Become the KING of the BLACKBERRY unlocking and say yes to Blackberry MEP0 Direct unlock unlimited without credits, New algorythm security phones are off course supported, including EXCLUSIVE features such as Repair phone IMEI, Reset lifetimer, Refurbish phone, Change Vendor ID and logo, MEP based NCK calculation built-in too! Blackberry OS10 Flashing supported as well... These features are only a short coktails of what's available on the BLACKBERRY Furious Chimera side.
Exclusive NOKIA LUMIA Windows phone codes reader, but also IMEI Repair and flash phone firmware compiled of world first features
And because we are never satisfied we are happy to bring a new SAMSUNG direct unlock and repair imei software for the new and up coming models.
PACK13 comes with over 10 videos and 10+ Tutorials
Regular updates are coming as usual since the last 9 years

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