LG Rocker v1.52 released:

This is mostly bug fixes update, but there are also 9 new models added:

New Models:
- T320
- T325
- T370
- T375
- T385
- T385b
- T565
- T565b
- T575

Bug Fixes:

- The error not allowing to connect phone on USB at absence in system of real or virtual COM ports is corrected.
- The critical error connected with break of communication with phone is corrected at change of focus of a window of the program.
- The error shown is caught and corrected during the work with part of models on the basis of Infineon when reading with certain parameters.
Errors bringing to not operability of only a few backups (empty backups) are corrected.
-Defects in procedure of restoration of safety zones in phones with NAND memory are corrected. We are glad to report that the problem of the Yellow screen is solved!

To run this version of LG Rocker SLOT12 Activation is required.
You can download it from support or from support forum here:
LG Rocker v1.52