Svi koji imaju problem Old Dongle + New Cables - not supported combination

Had seen Some Friends have problem that :

They Have OLD HxcDongle and when they purchase new hxc cable its not working...

Like this i saw.... so WE Decide to Replace you . Your Hxc card only

We Will give Hxc Card only in 10 USD.... (Shipping Cost not included)

You have to provide Old Dongle Serial number + screen shot
You have to provide your Registered email address
You have to provide Us your Reseller Details

We Will Block your Old Hxc card and Issue you new Hxc card

We Decide Three ways to send you Hxc card only

1- We will Ship Hxc Card only Directly To you with DHL
You have to pay us Total 33 USD ( HXC Card only + Shipping Cost )

2- We Will Ship Hxc Card only to your reseller with your reseller Goods
When ever we have order from your reseller and when its ready to deliver we will send your Hxc card only with his shipment , in this way you will save Shipping Cost and you only have to pay us 10 USD

3- When ever you order any Goods we will send Hxc card only with your order
when ever you order any Goods to and when it will ready we will send your Hxc card only with your shipment , in this way you will save Shipping cost for hxc card only and you have pay us only 10 USD for hxc card only, So you have to tell me your ORDER ID from, Your paypal Email address, Your Trans. ID. to make sure i'll ask to Shipping Department to put Hxc Card in your order

We Accept Only Paypal
if you have any Questions or if you need more details or For Paypal ID please Contact me privately

Sonork : 100.1577177
skype : Faisal_Computer
icq : 356562413
Email :


dokolku imate novi kabli so nov zelen dongle - ignorirajte ovaj post
dokolku imate stari kabli so star dongle - ingorirajte ovaj post

Ovo je samo za useri koji imaju old dongle (black version) a pogreska naracale novi kablovi.