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As the best, PROVEN, SL3 BF Distributed system EVER we still offer TRY then BUY service for all our future customers.
NO ONE ELSE CAN OFFER you the knowledge about what you will PAY the money FOR.
While some other systems lose 12%-15% per job we lose only 0.1sec up to 0,3sec for the same job.
Our TOTAL LOSS when using more than one PC-s is so irrelevant.
Also, must say that gain BY USING OUR SYSTEM is awesome.

For example, you can make a simple TEST. How much time is needed for one of your PC to finish calculation?
Now, you can try OUR System with YOUR 2-5-10-100-200 PC-s. You will get results such as ‘SIMPLY NO TIME IS LOST’.
Not 12%, neither 15%, neither 1% of time, PC POWER, Electricity, or what so ever CAN BE LOST!!!

We made 3 HOT OFFER’s for you.
1) LAN version – You do all by yourself. Not need stable internet. You pay per PC( BruteForce PC ) license.
Your PC is the server and no one else, including US you depend ON
*You can register your Cpanel application on as many PC-s as you like

2) NET version – Ideal for the customer who have fully stable internet connection and PC-s on multiple locations (PC-s can be on different place, city, continent). You pay per PC( BruteForce PC ) license.
*You can register your Cpanel application on as many PC-s as you like

Price for LAN and NET version per PC are:
Price list (per PC)
1 - 5 55 €
5 - 10 50 €
10 - 100 45 €
100+ contact us

3) LOG version – ideal for users with small numbers of phones needed to be calculated or for the users with limited access to the PC-s such as NET CAFE, offices and classrooms with many PC-s.
Pay per phone done. Unlimited number of BF PC-s allowed to be added to the system.

Logs prices:
10 logs = 15euro
20 logs = 25euro
50 logs= 55euro

We are MobileLand Team. Very old team in GSM. After promoting SETOOL you can be sure we will not disappoint you with some less advanced software!

Thanks to Unlocker and the_laser for SUPPORT.

Feature list:

  • • Use as many computers as you wish to calculate code – no matter where in the world they are.
  • • Have your brute force result sent to your customer or whoever you want by email immediately once the code is found.
  • • Add new phones to queue from the control panel. (you, friends, clients or whoever you want to have access to the control panel)
  • • Change priority of phones without losing any work (Even if you change the top phone in queue, no work is lost. Our/Your server save current progress)
  • • Add notes to any job (so there will be no confusion about what phone belongs to who etc)
  • • Add new clients so they can add phones as well
  • • See detailed statistics about each job and each computer on the network
  • • Every second of your time is used so you are always earning money
  • • See what drones are connected in control panel. (it will tell you if any computers are overheating etc) It will also show you how long it has been since the computer took its last job)
  • • Export to results to CSV
  • • Export to COD file(s)
  • • Export NCK codes
  • • Send NCK codes directly to your customer's email
  • • Sell your GPU power to others
  • • and so so so much more!

New updates video manuals:

System demonstration(1):

System demonstration(2):

SL3 BF Distributing System 'Chunk' Update

Import update

NCK Update(Ver0.5.1)

ICQ: 460-259-360
Sonork: 67574
Skype: mobileland
Mobile: +382 68 33 44 88 (after 4PM only, GMT+1)

ICQ: 364680472
Skype: predrag.djukovic
Email: ,
Mobile: +382 67 33 44 99 (from 9AM-11PM, GMT+1)

Our reseller’s info can always find here:
SL3 BF Distributed Server - RESELLERS
Our forum can check at this address:
SL3NET Brute Force Distributed System • Index page

STAY TUNED and check regularly new updates!!!
* Client application - you can send application to your customers so they can upload phones to your server directly(if have naught logs) and you can make logs for them sounds OK?

Yours ,
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