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    Upozorenje i obavestenje

    WARNING! How to prevent blocking of SEtool TOP cards (sn from 177500 and above)


    WARNING !!!

    As there is too much "blocked" setool2 GEMALTO TOP cards,we investigated issue and found problem.

    due to errors in controller firmware
    ( or due to incompatibility between smartcard/controller firmware/motherboard usb controller )
    all smartcard readers i know, which are based on CY7C63001 are failed to send long data packet to/from smartcard.
    it happens on some systems only, it can happen not immediately, but on "affected" system it happens always, earlier or later.

    due to that, smartcard will receive WRONG command and SETOOL2 WILL BE "BLOCKED".

    i can not find ANY solution to that problem, other than NOT using Cypress CY7C63001-based readers with setool2 cards.

    few pictures of AFFECTED readers attached.

    you can also identify such reader by smartcard reader name and driver name see attach

    if you will use that readers, your setool2 smartcard WILL BE BLOCKED - and i will unblock such card ONLY ONCE.

    my strong recommendation is use omni_key based readers, they are working 100% on any system. see last 2 attached image

    of course, usage of latest setool2 version is ABSOLUTE requirement.

    link to thread at official SEtool support

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