LGRocker2G Xmass update. 58 models added . look inside ! ! !
23.12.2010 LG2G Rocker v1.47 released

Whats new:

Special Santha Claus Xmas edition for our customers!!!!
Added 58 new models to supported list.
Dramatically increased search phones feature speed.
Rebuild GUI for much more fast response.
Changed erase feature behaviour for Infineon based models.
Fixed Go Support button behaviour.
AD tab :
Added handling of .MOT,M0,S3 file formats for flashing phone which use it(like KP130,KP170).
Infineon tab :

Files add and flash feature reenabled back( was disabled by mistake in last release).
Next models added to full supported list (Flash read/write,Read unlock codes) :30,A133,A133Go,T310,T310i,T310n,C300,C300go,C305, GB280,MG161a,MG160a,MG160b,MG370A,MG370b
Samsung tab:
Added E2530 for read flash and calculate unlock codes
MTK tab :
Added handling more types of CPU.
Added extended info during boot.
Added NAND flash read.
Added read firmware info.
If phone havn`t NOR flash - software select NAND for operation automtically.
Added phones : GX200,G1800,KG190,KG195,KG198.
Nw platform TI tab :
Aded full support(Flash read/write,show lock codes,direct unlock,imei repair) for next models:

C1300,C1300i,C1500,C2000,CG225,F7200,F7250,F9100,F 9200,G4010,G4011,G4015,G4050,G5500,G7000,G7000a,G7 050,G7200,G7250,G920,L1100,L1150,L1400,L1400i,L510 0,MG130,MG150,MG155,MG180,MG180c,MG185c,MG200,MG21 0d,MG220d,T5100,W7000,W7020.
Added handling of all types of firmware files used by this models(bin,bif,mot,m0).
Please download and install "LG2GRocker_v1.47_SLOT14.exe" if You're a Rocker Dongle user, or "LG2GRocker_v1.47_SLOT15.exe" if You're a Power Dongle user.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Enjoy Using Rocker Dongle.