LG2G Rocker v1.45 - 13 new models added!


16.07.2010 LG2g Rocker v1.45 released

Whats new:

Added EEPROM IMEI repair for S-Gold models
Added BT Address repair for S-Gold models
Added Factory reset
Added 13 new models :
KP505 GS290n GS290nGo GS500g GM360 GM360i GM360Go GM600 GT350 GT350i GT350Go TE365f GT365Go
Fixed Code Reading bug with GB220x GU220x GU230x
Factory reset operation requires phone to be powered on !

Please download and install "LG2G_Rocker_v1.44_14.exe" if You are Rocker Dongle user, or "LG2G_Rocker_v1.44_15.exe" if You are LG Power Dongle user.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !