Samsung Rocker v1.31 BETA

- 130 new models added ! ! !
13.06.2010 Samsung Rocker v1.31 BETA released

Whats new:

* Added new SWIFT eeprom unlock
* Added new QSC62xx Code calc
* Some minor bugs fixes

There is total 130 NEW MODELS support added.

* A Series:
o A657 A821 A827 A836 A867
* B Series:
o B130L B2100 B270i
* C Series:
o C270 C276 C276L C5220 C5510H C5510U CC01i
* D Series:
o D618
* E Series:
o E1050C E1070 E1070T E1075 E1075L E1080 E1080C E1085 E1085L E1100 E1100C E1101C E1120 E1120C E1210M E1310B E1310C E1310E E1310M E1360B E1360C E1360M E200B E200E E208B E2100 E2100B E2100C E2120 E2120B E2120C E2130 E2210 E2210B E2210C E2210H E2210L E250i E250L E251 E251 E2510 E251C E251L E258D E260
* F Series:
o F110 F250 F258 F265L F480L
* G Series:
o G508 G508E G608 G618
* J Series:
o J150 J210 J700 J700i J700L J706 J708i
* L Series:
o L258 L310 L608
* M Series:
o M130L M150 M158 M200 M2310 M2710C M610 M618 M7600B M7600H
* P Series:
o P180 P220 P250 P260 P850
* S Series:
o S3110 S3110C S3370 S3600 S3600C S3600H S366 S5350 S5510 S5600B S5600L S5600V S5603 S5608U S6700 S6700T S6703 S6703T S7120 S7120U S7350C S7350E S7350F S7350H S7350i S7520U S8300H S8300J S8300N S8300V
* T Series:
o T429 T659 T749
* U Series:
o U900L U908E

Keep in mind that new versions require to be activated. If You did not activated previous version, You can do it now, using the activation string from Rocker Dongle support.


Our main support forum is Unlock Forum -Rocker Dongle Support Forum . If You want Your questions to be answered in timely manner, please register there.

Rocker Dongle now supports almost 1500 different phone models !

Please download and install "SamsungRocker_v1.31_beta.exe" from Rocker Dongle support.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !
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