Advance Turbo Flasher

Version 4.70 update!!

31 Mar 2010


ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] Version 4.70 update!! 31 Mar 2010

What is new:

ATF is now even faster than before!!!

*** Firmware Update Needed ***

New FPGA Firmware LogiCore 3.30.10
Upto 30% Faster Flashing Speeds on NOR Flash Chips (BB5 Phones)
Upto 10% Faster Flashing Speeds on NAND Flash Chips (BB5 Phones)

Main Update
- New SX4 Server now supports keys created from other boxes
- Backup SX4 Server (for original keys) will automatically switch if primaray server encouters problems

BB5 Turbo Engine
- Upto 30% Speed Increase in Flashing NOR Flash Chips
- Upto 10% Speed Increase in Flashing NAND Flash Chips
- Improved Windows 7 USB Scheduling Support
- Fixed N95, N95 8GB and E90 Booting Problem

DCT4 Non Turbo Engine
- Flash Chip Erasing Speed Adjusted
- Flashing Bug Fixed

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ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] Version 4.70 update!! 31 Mar 2010

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