Easy Unlocker Box Explanatory !!! 17/12/2009


From Easy Unlocker Box Team want to make this special explanatory since there seems to be some mistake between the meaning of our policy and the understanding of many people.

Is possible make Premium activation today or in future?
YES it´s possible as always has been possible since this release, just condition about update to premium license has been modified up to 550 easy credits (100 euro)

Is a non premium box no more working box?
NO we keep working all boxes working with stand alone software and also non premium boxes can be used for alcatel online and ZTE softwares (in the case that such boxes have credits to spend on its services offered)

I am already premium user but Software gives me "Server refused connection", what should I do?
First of all the most important thing is reading Easy Unlocker Box forum, the second thing is download latest versions of the software released, server is working and your box is working, nothing changed, just please kindly download lates software version and connect and enjoy.

How can I get easy credits and Become Premium Member?
Just kindly follow this LINK instructions and take care that modification is old easy credits activation price was 450 and actual is 550.

Why Easy Unlocker Do such things?
Just to keep our work saved and to keep you all updated, we are developing our own sources and this is not easy, we want to make our best to all of who trust us feel satisfied and compensed about our work, but developing and keeping servers just need mantainance and we are not renting or dependind on third parties services, so everything belongs to Easy Unlocker Box Team, development, support, maintenance, this way we´ve grew until being a safe product offering professional solutions for unlockers.

Just want to say Thanks to all who are cooperating and being understanding with us, say sorry to all who feel that we´ve dissapointed their prospects, we´ll continue working to make one day recover all EUbox users your confidence.

With our best wishes and wishing you all a happy Christmast, we continue here, waiting to make you all feel happy as soon as possible.

If you have any question or doubt about working procedure, just kindly contact us at this mail address: info@easy-unlocker.net we give answer to all mails recieved, as soon as possible. Also every suggestion and comment is welcomed to this mail address.