MTBox latest update features :

- Unlock/Lock/Simlock/repair all nokia BB5 phones (Except SL3 XX.XX sw version)
- Calculation Simlock RPL RAP3G and RAPIDO (dont repair IMEI 123456-12-654321-x)
- HASH 9DDB phones unlock ( 3600c, 5220, New 5800, 7210c, 7310, 6600s, 6600f, 7610s, New 96 etc... )

MT-Box credits for RAP3G SL20 hash 9DDB Credits:

20 credits - 16 euro
50 credits - 35 euro
100 credits - 60 euro
200 credits - 100 euro
GT server take 10 new credits per phone

We need box sn too add credits
Old credits (login/password) dont work for RAP3G SL20 hash 9DDB.

All information and online shop with new (RAP3G SL20) credits -

Q: How can i pay for new credits with PayPal ?
A: Send desired amount of money to and make sure to include correct box SN.

Q: How can i pay for new credits with Moneybookers ?
A: Send desired amount of money to , and send one email to same address with Box SN and payment info.

Q: Do I need to pay V.A.T ?
A: NO ! We do not charge V.A.T as some other sellers !

Q: When my box will be activated ?
A: Right after receiving payment ! Possible delays maximum 10 minutes !

Q: Can we use old account login/pass for unlock RAP3S hash 9DDBF ?
A: No, you cannot use old account. You have to buy new account called SL20cr and we need box sn for cradits activation.

Q: How to check my box counter ?
A: Click "save" button and write login - boxlogin and password - boxlogin

Q: Which phones are RAP3S 9DDBF ? Any list of supported phones ?
A: Here is list !
RAP3S hash 9DDBF : 3600c, 5220, 7210c, 7310, 7510a, 6600s, 6600f, 7610s,
RAPIDO : New v30/300/200 5800d, E71, N96, N85, E63!

Q: Can we repair BB5 phones damaged SIM Lock ?
A: Yes, you can repair damaged SIM Lock "Failed to Read"!!

Q: How many cradits need for unlock per SL2 9DDBF.. ?
A: You need 10 SL20 cradits for unlock per phone.

Q: How to unlock rapido/rap3g phones ?
A: Download the new version and connect phone with fbus cable press info and HIT "RAPIDORPL" button! Whether you unlock RAP3S 9DDBF phone or new RAPIDO.

Q: Is this calculated rpl can unlock my damaged phone ?
A: Yes, If you've damaged locked phone, this rpl can unlock your phone aslo you don't need another 10 SL20 cradits for unlock it, whether you unlock RAP3S or RAPIDO phone.

Q: Can we repair damaged NPC/IMEI "1234567858123" with this rpl ?
A: No, You cannot repair damaged certificates with this rpl.

Big THX for ALi02 for making F A Q