FAQ : (Frequently Ask Questions)

Question : what is the official site for cyclone box?

Answer : There is only one official site that is www.cyclonebox.com

Question : what is the Cyclonebox price?

Answer : cyclone box price is 99e + shipment charges (check resseler in your country for own currency price)

Question : what is cyclonebox warranty period?

Answer : cyclonebox have 6 Months hardware warranty period, please contact your reseller for any problem.Do not try to fix the box yourself

Question : What about cylonebox security and crack possibiltiy ?

Answer : Cyclonebox uses latest and unique online security system which have minimum hack possibilites but still
There is no Software or Hardware in the world which can not be cracked or cloned.

Question : Which brand cylonebox is supporting?

Answer : Cylonebox is a professional tool for Nokia, but we plan to add more brands in future

Question : who is the programmer and owner of cyclonebox ?

Answer : Cyclonebox is not made by one person only.It is a team work!!