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The month of February has seen many first in the world updates
Its absolutely free for Infinity Box customers

Following updates were made to Infinity Box in the month of February 2009

01 Feb 2009: ChineseMiracle v2.76 released:

02 Feb 2009 World 1st: : Fly-LX500, Spice-S940 and more...

05 Feb 2009 World 1st: Digibee, Huawei, ZTE models...

06 Feb 2009 World 1st: : Skyzen, Kyocera and more...

13 Feb 2009: ChineseMiracle v2.77 released

14 Feb 2008 World 1st: ZTE, Zonda, Alcatel, MyPhone, Intex models supported

16 Feb 2009 World 1st: : Skyzen-N101 model supported

18 Feb 2009: "VkMobile02" v1.10

24 Feb 2009 World 1st: : ZTE-A931, Coral-400, Huawei-T208, T160L, I-Mobile-200 models

25 Feb 2009 World 1st: : ZTE-A261, Haier-Z702, Spice-S650 models supported

We hope you liked our updates and we will work hard to make new updates for new phones.

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