New Client for DK Server ready v 1.1c released

New Client for DK Server ready.

The old software will not work any more.
Please ask customer to uninstall old software to make sure this new one works.

In case customer is using OLD SOFTWARE CLIENT,
the message will be displayed "Wrong Password"
please ask your customer download first latest version before you approach server admin to change password.

Download software from here:

New in this update:

- all N81 also supported by Dejans JAF unlocker
(before you could not unlock all N81 by DK JAF unlocker)

- news browser added
(this is to inform customer directly in case customer have problems or in case exist some updates, but it is also usefull for your customer to see the real time log durin unlocking process)

- lock to ip added, this function prevent sharing but also prevent stealing of accounts by trojan or keyloggers
(some users got problems with some one sending to their mail keyloggers or trojans)

- added more slots for unlocking this helps to perform the unlocking process faster when many users try unlock in same time.