-CS Full Unlocker
-D-Unlocker v2.32 released:

Added serial interface support


Hi all,

Cruiser Suite SE
-Full Unlocker v2.32
-D-Unlocker v2.32
have just been released at official CruiserSuite.com downloads section.

CruiserSuite SE Full Unlocker / D-Unlocker official release notes:

Latest release: Version 2.32
Added serial interface support (S1 Neptune and S1 Locosto phones)
Fixed unock of DB3200/DB3210 platform phones
Minor updates

Previous release: Version 2.31
Added support for full (permanent) unlocking S1 Neptune and S1 Locosto phones (Neptune phones: F305, S302, W302)
Loaders updated
Added button "Get credit info"
New feature - Generating Card activation ID for server registration (after pressing "Get credit info" button)
Requires Supreme credits

Platforms S1 Neptune and S1 Locosto unlocking is supported in the Single phase mode. Just run the application and
connect the phone via the USB cable while holding its 'C' button.
or doble-click on the serial cable in the device list and connect the phone

CruiserSuite SE Full Unlocker - application requires any Cruiser card. S1 full unlock consumption is 0.4 supreme credits. More information can be found here.

D-Unlocker - application doesn't require any card. You simply download, install, put supreme credits account details and work. S1 full unlock consumption is 0.45 supreme credits. More information about D-Unlocker can be found by clicking here.

Prices of Supreme Credits are very interesting and can be found here.

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Cruiser Team