tomorrow we start the exchange for damaged smart cards.

for those killed their JAF smart card by using "killer" software from Manole and Zulea here is the replacement policy. Please follow the instructions and post ALL INFORMATION, posts where some information is wrong or incomplete will be deleted since we CAN NOT exchange without this information.

User MUST post in this THIS THREAD follow information:

- Pkey serial number
- Date of purchase
- Name of reseller
- Your contact phone number
- Your country

Please post here JUST THE INFORMATION REQUIRED, do not post here anything else, if you have questions, please let's discuss about the exchange procedure here: http://forums.phone-tools.cn/showthr...4014#post74014

Price for exchange procedure:
- JAF smart card (2 euro)
- Local shipping costs (UK, POLAND, Germany, Philippines, India) 2 euro

The exchange smart card you will get will have activated:
- JAF BB5 no TP v 1.0 FREE
- Voda addon v 1.2 FREE
- 10 rpl credits FREE
- JAFWM activated FREE
- Support Acess to 13 Raskal Servers FREE

For other countries the shipping cost will be between 15-20 euro depends on the discount i am getting from my freight forwarder and depends on country. We will discuss this when we contact you by phone.

- paypal
- western union
- cash

Some of our support team will read this messages and start the procedure for replacement. Please give us 24-48 hours in order to authorize your replacement, since we have to verify all information provided by you. In case we have any question, we will call you back, this is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to leave us a contact number.

- are killed after 15 DEC2008
- cards which are damaged before 2 of November
- blacklisted pkeys (do not mix the word blacklist with the word damaged"
- pkeys which has been allready exchanged one time
- thomas pkeys (in case you have a thomas pkey, you must please contact him to arrange some exchange, i am sure he will sort it somehow)

!!! WARNING !!!
Do not trust in any other 3rd party software which is not hosted on www.odeon.cn

Download software only from http://files.odeon.cn because as i said, i will not replace any card which is killed after 15 DEC !!!