Dear users,
We are pleased to announce a release of new versions of DBSS v3.6 & DreamBox v1.13.

In this update:

1. Enabled support for DB2012 platform (CID 53) of the following Sony Ericsson models:
* K series: K310, K320, K510
* W series: W200, W300, W810
* Z series: Z530
The following options are added.
o Repair GDFS.
o Standalone permanent unlock by Testpoint.
o Multiflash FOTA/Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable.
o Read/write full flash.
o Read/write GDFS.
o Phone customization.
o Change CDA.
o Read phone info.
o Read phone internal diagnostic log.
o Reset Call Timer.
2. Improved "Repair GDFS" operation. From now, the correct GDFS structure and configuration are not required.

The Stage 1 Testpoint for the DB2012 platform has been changed. For more details please refer to the PCB diagram in DBSS.

More features to come.
Best regards,
GSMDream team

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