FREE GIFT FOR ALL VygisToolbox and VPower users !!!


In collaboration with DC-Unlocker team, we are glad to offer for ALL VygisToolbox and Vpower customers the posibility to unlock GSM DATACARDS.
This service is FREE OF CHARGE for 1 piece. Anybody that need to flash/unlock more of this GSM Datacards, can contact me or DC-Unlocker team for more logs/accounts.

More information about this product you can find on theyr website:

Supported GSM data cards
(pcmcia, expresscard , usb modems)

AirCard 850 unlock, voice enable
AirCard 860 unlock, voice enable
AirCard 875 unlock, voice enable

SierraWireless built in notebook
MC8755 unlock, voice enable
MC8755V unlock, voice enable

Option Globetrotter
GT 3G+ Fusion unlock
GT 3G+ unlock
GT Combo EDGE unlock
GT EDGE unlock
GT Express 7.2 unlock
GT Fusion unlock
GT MAX 3.6 unlock
GT MAX 7.2 unlock
GT MAXw unlock
GlobeSurfer ICON 7.2 unlock
GlobeSurfer ICON unlock

Huawei E220 unlock
Huawei E618 unlock
Huawei E620 unlock
Huawei E630 unlock

Merlin U530 unlock
Merlin U630 unlock
Merlin U740 unlock
Merlin XU870 unlock

Novatell built in notebook
Expedite EU740 unlock

This is a free trial unlock for all Vygis customers (1 unlock per dongle)
Software is made by DC-unlocker team with mr. Vygis agreement.
All questions will be replyed by dc-unlocker team.

How to use:
- Just install the DC Software.
- Connect Vygis dongle.
- The DC software identifys the Vygis dongle, sending reqest to the server. The server will make IMMEDIATELY an account with 15 logs for this Vygis Dongle, that can be used to unlock 1 GSM D.Card.


One of the most used DC Cards is the E220 model. In order to unlock this one, you must flash it with following flash file: