Because old support site is not enough to serve all customers, we made new one experimental support area.
The download is limited to 2GB of files per month.
If you have two MT box you can download 2GB per box or 4GB in total.
Download managers cant be used, only direct download over internet browser.
If you have problem to login to support site please enable cookies in your internet browser.
We recommend you to use very easy for use FIREFOX internet browser.

How to download:

- Connect MT Box to PC
- Start MT box update tool v3.5
- Press Torrent access button
- Your default internet browser will open new page/new tab
- You are logged in automatically to support area
- On the left browser side will see:

Direct Download

D: 0 KB
(2GB/month Limit)


- Click to browse and you will see the files directory
- Select category you want to browse
- For example want to download DB2020 inside software v2.0 then go to /SE inside/DB2020 inside/DB2020 inside software/
- Click to DB2020 inside v2.0 - DB2020 unlock.exe then on the top of window you will see:

Download file

DB2020 inside v2.0 - DB2020 unlock.exe

File Size: 68.28 MB

Click to DB2020 inside v2.0 - DB2020 unlock.exe and download will start

Please note:

The old support site ( is primary support site for all MT box users
New support area secondary and experimental support site, if you have any trouble or recommendation please report us
MT box PRO can't be used to login to support
We are sorry for trouble with official support site (