SAGEM DD - J-tag

Sagem DD is the SAGEM JTAG Unlocker which is first software in the WORLD, able to read simlock code from Sagem phones in just few seconds.
For reading unlock code from your phone or reset phone code you must open phone and connect 4 cables to Test Points in phone. Test Points are huge so even amateur can do this. After connecting to Test Point you may read code by just 5 seconds.
It's the only method for unlock these models in the WORLD since new phones don't use FIELDS anymore that are used for calculating code by BruteForce method. Difference beetwen other software is that this software reads code does not calculate it. That's why reading process takes only few seconds.

Sagem JTAG Unlocker together with SagemDD hardware dongle serves as unlocking tool for M62 and M62+ based phones.


- Box
- 20 Test Points Adaptors
- 3 special cable