DVB Dream : v1.2
Latest release!

What is new (03.09.2006)

* New device support: Broadlogic
* New device support: DVBWorld
* New device support: Tongshi
* Positioner Support Added (including GotoX.X / USALS)
* Remote Control support (WinLirc and Twinhan RCs)
* New Scheduler (uses Windows Task Scheduler)
* Renewed EPG , better handling of high data rate
* Snapshot feature
* B2C2 devices can work with old drivers too now (i.e. possible to use 4.2.x)
* Intervideo and DVD Express codecs work fine now on DD
* PAT & PMT generation for TS files. (produces more compatible TS files)
* Cryrilic charset problem fixed (EPG)
* * SS2 users must use Mibi's patched drivers to be able to use positioner feature.
* * Snapshot might not work with Overlay, you must use VMR.
* Click here for latest Genpix Device update.

Minor Details:

* NEW: New cmd-line switches /startpiprec, /stoppiprec, /startrecordall, /stoprecordall
* FIX: removed unnecessarry delay on manual stopping the scan
* NEW: ch-change timeout
* NEW: Channels can be deleted using DEL key now
* FIX: C Band IF calculation problem
* FIX: Unnecessary "another instance is working..." message
* NEW: Doesnt display the satellite tabs that dont have any channel
* NEW: New column info option: language
* NEW: New column info option: Signal Level
* NEW: Channel properties displays first scan and last update dates
* NEW: now it is possible to edit or add ac3 pids on ch.properties
* NEW: now it is possible to disable "Tune to last channel at startup"
* CHG: remote-list needs double click to switch channels (this was necessary to prevent drag&drop list-rearrange problems)

Supported Devices:

Supported Devices:

* B2C2 (Skystar2, Airstar2, Cablestar2)
* Twinhan (All PCI models should work *)
* Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite
* Genpix 8PSK to USB device
* Broadlogic (BL2030) (NEW in v1.2x)
* DVBWorld (Nextorm/SatStar2/Acorp TV878DS USB/PCI) (NEW in v1.2x)
* Tongshi DVB-S (NEW in v1.2x)
Description: dvbdreamsetup_v082.exe 16-Jun-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v083d.exe 16-Jun-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v084.exe 09-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v085.exe 09-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v086.exe 09-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v086a.exe 09-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v087.exe 09-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v087a.exe 09-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v087b.exe 09-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v088.exe 03-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v088a.exe 13-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v088b.exe 15-Jul-2005 dvbdreamsetup_v10.exe 10-May-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11.exe 21-May-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11a.exe 23-May-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11b.exe 24-May-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11c.exe 28-May-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11d.exe 28-May-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11e.exe 01-Jun-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11f.exe 01-Jun-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11g.exe 07-Jun-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v11h.exe 19-Jun-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v12.exe 03-Sep-2006 dvbdreamsetup_v12a.exe 08-Sep-2006 4.9M dvbdreamsetup_v12b.exe 16-Sep-2006 5.3M dvbdreamsetup_v12c.exe 18-Sep-2006 5.3M dvbdreamsetup_v12d.exe 24-Sep-2006 5.2M dvbdreamsetup_v12e.exe 30-Sep-2006 5.4M dvbdreamsetup_v13.exe 12-Nov-2006 6.9M dvbdreamsetup_v13a.exe 15-Nov-2006 7.0M